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How To Clean A Squirrel

 There are several ways to skin a squirrel but here is one way of doing the task from Lewis E. Thomas of Tallahassee, Florida as taught to him by his late father John L. Thomas.

These pages may take a while to load as there are many pictures.

Skin a Squirrel- Step 1 Step 1 - Cut through the base of the tailbone above the booty hole and stop under the skin on upper side of tail. Do Not cut the tail off!

Hold tail and skin the hide down the back a little as shown and stop.

Skin a Squirrel- Step 2 Step 2 - Place your left foot on the tail near the tail base and apply all of your weight.
Skin a Squirrel- Step 3 Step 3 - Pull the squirrel upward with its hind legs until the hide pulls down to the front legs to the wrists and stop.
Skin a Squirrel- Step 4 Step 4 - Keep your weight on the tail and pull the rear portion of hide upward until you reach the wrists and stop.
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