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Julia       fuhrsure@optonline.net 10-22-2004 3:03 PM
My son shot his 1st squirrel. I saw a recipe that said there is a big difference between young, tender squirrel and old, tough squirrel. How do you tell the difference? Apparently, the recipe is different depending on which kind is on hand. Thank-you for any insight. Julia
Randy       rooster.randy@gmail.com 10-25-2006 11:33 AM
Congrats to your son.
My self, I cant tell a difference
If your going to fry it, then after
browning it. Make some brown gravey
from the drippins, and simmer that criter in the gravy for about 20-30
mins. It will be tender.

God Bless,
Brad Streight       bstreight@yahoo.com 4-9-2010 12:23 PM
Older and dominant squirrels tend to me more territorial over land,food and mating and will make calls of dominance often aside from leaving scent to establish and make itself known to other squirrels and will give case to run them off! Keep your eyes and ears open! Their size and attitude is another influencing factor,you can also do searches on the internet by using the keyword to whatever type of squirrel it is and afterwards write age and/or and behaviors and communications and/or sounds! Sincerely,Brad Streight
Brad Streight       bstreight@yahoo.com 4-9-2010 12:41 PM
In conclusion,with the meat of older squirrel,you can try marinating it for a few hours to overnight in milk first that will get in between the meat fibers that acts like a tenderiser and take out that gamey taste! Cooking it on high temperatures and cooking it too long can also make the meat tough or dry! Think about how the meat of a beef stew and etc. gets more tender each time it's reheated,it's because of the initial slow cooking process and time and that the meat is still being somewhat marinated in the juices of added ingredients that gets in the meat fibers as well! Consider the small size of a squirrel if it's being fried or baked that also means it shouldn't be cooked in too high of a temperature for too long otherwise,it will get tough or dry but in the oven,try basting it often with the pan-juices as you would with poultry and roasts! Sincerely,Brad Streigh
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