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frank       ceasefireranch@hotmail.com 9-12-2005 11:14 AM
new to phoenix in last 3 months--am aware of hunters permit requirements. ive been outside indian reservation...and as far as 87 hwy and bush highway out in the desert...where can i successfully go rattlesnake hunting in phoenix????spent all day in desert area sunday, and found nothing more than a dead dog:P...would love to catch them and skin them for the hides..let me know..thanks..frank**
daryn russ       buckdrywall@yahoo.com 5-18-2006 6:30 PM
best place ive found is around pir raceway
francine harper       jaybird50_2005@yahoo.com 9-30-2008 00:15 AM
Thee only place that i know is here in battlemountain,nevada,we to catch the rattlesnake,and we eat them,and we keep their skins.so u should come and check it out.let me know what you think.
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