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Gene Raines       rainesgene@a0l.com 2-13-2005 12:43 PM
cut squirrel into pieces
boil in pot till meat falls off bone
add salt/pepper to taste when boiling
put oil or bacon grease into skillet
add meat and brown- -keep enough oil to absorb flour, about two table spoons, stir as you add the broth from the cook pot and remove from when it reaches the way you like your gravy- -use homemade biscuits or store bought- -what ever is your favorite. it is really good on a cold morning before starting daily chores.
brian       10-17-2005 12:36 PM
i eat squirrel all the time and its very good also man so you should give it a try!!!!!!!!!
Nancy Eike       nancyeike@verizon.net 1-6-2007 2:34 PM
I've never eaten squirrel, but I'd like to try it. How do you kill & skin it? Can you eat the ones in your backyard? I don't hunt or fish, so I'm really not sure how to get one to cook.

Novice Needs Help
Brian B       btb31@hotmail.com 9-26-2008 07:17 AM
Getting a squirrel is easy. Getting your hunting license requires a little work, but is free. Go online to your state's Department of Natural Resources (or fish and game department). Look up hunter safety courses. Sign up. Attend the course (typically a weekend - this is free - paid for by your tax dollars). Get your certificate of completion in the mail. Go to any sporting goods store or WalMart, KMart, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc.. Buy your state hunting license. Next, either buy a .22 (can be bought for $100) or a 12 gauge shotgun (or any gauge). New shotguns start around $300, but you can get a nice single barrel break action (used) for about $100. Find a parcel of private land you can hunt or find state owned land (state forest, wildlife management area, etc...) and go hunting.
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