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snowshoe hare guide service       kimnpete@together.net 12-7-2001 10:54 AM
guided hunts for snowshoe hare in northeast kingdom of Vermont 50$/man/day your hounds or mine
Activist       2-12-2006 4:50 PM
hunting animals is bad! think of the poor snow shoe hares if you hunters leave them alone then snow shoe hares can live in peace and go back to the times when animals were equals!!
Hunter       2-12-2006 4:51 PM
Snowshoe hares were meant to be killed. you can stop the population and its fun!
Another Hunter       2-12-2006 4:52 PM
Snowshoe hares are too populated we must stop them! and you get money and fur!
HUNTER 779er       trapper_2_trapper82@homtail.com 1-7-2010 5:52 PM
whoever that avtivist is im gonna f*** your S*** up.....you stupid son of a B****
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