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Killian Evans       chevylover1989@yahoo.com 5-17-2004 3:06 PM
what kind of snakes can u eat?? I cant find any rattle snakes to kill and cook. so please help and if there are any more snakes u can eat please tell me and maybe a recipes or two.

thank u
Brad Streight       bstreight@yahoo.com 4-1-2010 10:52 AM
You can eat almost any kind of snake but if it's a poisonous snake,make sure you cut the entire head off directly behind the poison glands and once skinned,gutted-safely to prevent contamination of the meat and thoroughly cleaned and cut into pieces,make sure to soak them in salt water for a few hours and then,give it a quick boil to kill any bacteria before you prepare them! Whatever snake you catch,make sure they're big enough to satisfy any persons appetite and make sure that it's legal to catch them because poaching is illegal and in some states,certain species of snakes are protected! Where do you live?
Brad Streight       bstreight@yahoo.com 4-2-2010 10:28 AM
If I knew exactly where you live,I can tell you what other snakes besides Rattlesnake that you can find,harvest and eat! Here in Maryland in the northern parts of,we have Timber Rattlesnake but I believe they're a protected species unless,they're on your property but,we also have Copperheads,Water Moccasins and Blacksnakes that are considered to be edible but as I had said in a previous email to you,check the State Laws and Regulations and torwards the proper handling and preparations of snakes especially,the venomous ones! Sincerely,Brad Streight
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