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tammy       jtsims_2000@yahoo.com 8-3-2004 10:47 PM
we have made a lot of deer meatloaf alot of different ways, but this recipe is the best by far!! We loved it ....so did our neighbors and friends!!Thanks so much!!
Backwoods Bound       mail@backwoodsbound.com 8-25-2004 1:38 PM
We're glad you liked it. Send us your favorite recipe for whatever and we'll post it for all to try.
robin       dutromama@cs.com 1-4-2005 5:12 PM
is there a big difference in taste with deer meat? my husband bought some from a guy at work and not really sure how to cook it.
Keith       oliverjoseph160@yahoo.com 9-3-2008 01:52 AM
Hi! Can you tell me what Deer meatloaf your readers are raving about.

We have about 40 lbs of ground deer and need recipes!


I. Cook       1-1-2010 9:46 PM
I did not like this recipe at all. Way too much tomato sauce. Very mushy texture. I will not make it again.
Karyn       kscalise@accesscomm.ca 6-13-2010 11:04 AM
This was probably the worst concoction I have ever made in my life. Very yucky, spongey texture. Way too much tomato sauce, eggs, and bread crumbs for the ratio of meat. Absolutely terrible. Yuck.
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