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pat       duckonwall@aol.com 8-19-2006 1:35 PM
any suggestions for a tree stand i am really new to deer hunting (i do mostly duck hunting)and i dont want to spend to much on a stand but i still want a good one that will last. please help

James       editor@backwoodsbound.com 11-14-2006 2:09 PM
If you want a climber, go with an API Grand Slam Star Extreme. They can be used for bow and gun hunting. For a ladder stand, there are too many to compare. Just depends upon how much you want to spend. If you are bowhunting you don't want one with a shooting rail and vice versa. If you gun hunt get one with a shooting rail. Most ladder stands require two people to set the things up and aren't too portable. Good hunting!
Sara       s.baumann_jones@yahoo.com 4-7-2010 6:04 PM
Not to sound like a smart ass, but if you have a good windblown tree or a crooked oak, you could just climb and put a board on a branch close to the trunk (so you have a back to lean against) and secure it with a couple long nails or screws. If you have a little bit to climb, put some more boards up the trunk so you have some rungs. We have old oaks on our property that have all kinds of these blinds all the way up to some of the higher branches. Just make sure there's nothing disagreeable in the tree with you. :)
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