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Killian       chevylover1989@yahoo.com 6-20-2004 1:13 PM
My grandpa and I fish from the bank b/c he cant get around to good well he used to live on the river back in the day and what they would do is cut a cedar poll pretty good size and make it kinda sharp at the end and then take the polls and put a sting and swivel and a treble hook on it and then stick the poll back in the bank. its basically the same thing as limb line fishin but from the bank it works pretty well or it did for us
Redneck       rednecktexan1@sbcglobal.net 8-22-2004 02:08 AM
Try using 1/2" PVC pipe, it works well and has good flex to it so the fish cannot pull off.

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Mike Cool       11-27-2004 00:30 AM
Check out the bush hook section on the BOC. Lot of good info about this with some long articles and photos.


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