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Gustavo       whitewing4274@aol.com 1-9-2009 3:24 PM
I was fortunate enough to hit the Gulf Coast for some winter back bay shallow water fishing in Texas over the holidays. I did some research on fishing cold weather patterns and found out that the best days to go were two or three days after a strong cold front or the day before a strong cold front arrives. The sudden drop in tempature, barometric pressue, and overall physical conditions forces certain fish species to trigger feeding. Plus, any current flow that increase helps move and hold baitfish to attract quality fish. We put these principles into play on afternoon around 4:30pm just before the sun goes down the tide begins to come in and the fish start bitting, one after the other, big ones, small ones, all kinds!!! Needless to say we were able to save some on the stringer and put them ice for the long walk back to the truck. Did I mention we did all this without a boat on public fishing waters. For me it's a rare occassion to have such good days, most of the time we dont catch anything except small fish, we cherrish the days when we can bring home dinner!!!
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