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TxCatfishGuide       rednecktexan1@sbcglobal.net 12-30-2004 00:11 AM
Here is a longer video that shows the landing and release of a 40 Lb Blue Cat. This is my first time ever dealing with any video much less putting any on the web so bear with my camera skills.

I edited a bunch of fluff from it to make it a smaller file but it is still a pretty big file.

It will play in Windows Media Viewer so MOST computers should be able to play it.

It will take a LONG time to load if your on dial up but should load fairly fast on DSL (a couple of minutes). I am trying to figure out how to make it load faster but will have to keep working on it.

I have some others that I will try to add as time permits and will definately have some more NEW trophy blue catfish videos before the week is up :D :D

Here is the link

[URL=http://redneck.texfishing.com/catfish_stream.wmv]Trophy Blue Catfish Video - 40 Lb Blue Cat[/URL]

TxCatfishGUide       12-30-2004 00:11 AM

The url for the Trophy Blue Catfish Video is


The url for our website is


big blue       11-22-2010 5:33 PM
40 lb caught on the tenn river 2010
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