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Cubby       whiteiwng4274@aol.com 4-14-2009 8:58 PM
This Easter Holiday I was fortunate enough to spend some time on the coast in Texas where some of the best fishing in the country can be found. I try to hit the water several times a year especially during prime and optimal times when the fish are bitting. Because I do not own a boat I rely on locating prime time bank access to chase my fish of choice (usually red drum or speckled trout). The location I fished this holiday weekend is near the Inter coastal Waterway under the JFK causeway near Padre Island where boat traffic is tremendous. But rude boaters are expected, not seasoned anglers who show up uninvited and cast lines right on top of my fishing action. Yes, it happened to me, as soon as enthusiastic fisherman spotted me with my rod bent they pulled close to see what all the noise was all about. To my surprise they unloaded and casted lines in the exact location where I had just caught some fish. They waited until I had pulled one in and while my line was out of the water they casted into my honey hole, quickly setting the hook on a fish themselves. Now I don't mind sharing sweet fishing spots, but I would at least expect some friendly conversation before or asking permission to fish near me before doing so. Simply stealing my honey hole while I am distracted is totally uncalled for and borderline asking for a beat down in Texas. Like a true patient Texan, I calmed my self down and shared the location with a grandma and her two grandkids who just wanted some fishing action to pass their Friday night. Back to the boaters, some passed close by at crawling speed to avoid making a splash while the more aggressive fisherman screamed by with no cares int he world about us poor bank fisherman. Just once I would like to get revenge on their bad manners. But, in the end we caught fish and had some good times on the water even with the rude guest or speeding boaters.
Jim Bob       jmburns@htc.net 1-21-2010 3:02 PM
Hey Cubby. I too have experienced similar events but none as bold as casting right into your spot while you're unhooking a fish. That's pretty cold! I've been bank fishing when others have come along and ask if they could fish the same area but not in the exact same spot. I always make sure when fishing from the bank if I'm too close to others. Now the jerks who buzz by you at 100mph while you're sitting in a boat trying to fish really peeve me off. One place in particular is really, the upper end of Lake Taneycomo near Branson, Missouri. The upper end is more like a river than a lake and not a very wide one at that. It really irks me to be fishing in a small flat boat with a 15hp motor that all the resorts rent there when somebody comes flying by at top speed with a 150- 200hp throwing up a 3 foot wake. And get this, most of them are professional fishing guides with their names painted on the sides. You would think a professional would have more courtesy. I always try and slow down when passing other boats or make a real wide berth around them. I'm sure I've made some fishermen mad but it has been unintentional. Oh well, a bad day fishing beats a good day at work!
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