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The Catfish Boat       thecatfishboat@yahoo.com 1-21-2004 07:20 AM
Caught on Texoma last Friday.

New Sate Record
121 lb 60" blue catfish caught on Rod-n-reel by Cody Mullennix /Lake Texoma

The state record for a blue catfish was 100 lbs. 54 inches long, caught by Reyes Martinez / Lake Texoma
March 11, 2000. Here is a Picture!!!

April Barkulis       aprilbarkulis@yahoo.com 1-27-2004 12:46 PM
Just saw the photo on that catfish. he is a big one
Cangraduations on the big Cat
thecatfishboat       thecatfishboat@yahoo.com 1-27-2004 1:45 PM
That wasn't my catch, I wish it was though, I guess that holds true, things are big here in Texas.
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