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Larry McWinklesteinson       larrymcwinkle@hotmail.net 11-13-2007 4:55 PM
Who's got the best recipe for cooking up some deer balls? My first shot revealed that theyre no good raw, so what should my next step be?

Thanks for the help, love the website.
Brad Streight       bstreight@yahoo.com 4-2-2010 11:05 AM
Definately fry them at 350 degrees by first removing the outer skin of the testicles and then,slicing them into 1/4-1/2 inch medallions before dredging them into seasoned flour and shaking off the excess and then,into beaten egg and back into seasoned flour or breadcrunbs and again,shaking off the excess! Try to call The Buckhorn Exchange at 303-534-9505 who make the best Rocky Mountain Oysters and perhaps they can tell you their recipe! You can also do a google search with the keyword: Rocky Mountain Oyster Recipes! Sincerely,Brad Streight
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