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Redneck       rednecktexan1@sbcglobal.net 8-3-2004 10:55 PM
Hello All. Kind of quiet around here.

My name is Redneck and I am the manufacturer of many sucessful catfish related products for catfishermen.

One of the products that I manufacture is Juglines. I have been manufacturing Redneck's JugLines for Jug Fishing for quite a while now and have grown a very large customer base with my juglines including numerous catfish guides and several fish and game departments.

Our original redneck jug lines have been a huge success for quite a while now and we have continued to grow quite a following with jug fishermen.

I am now pleased to announce that we have added a flagging catfish jugline to our stable of products and will be manufacturing and distributing Redneck's Fish On Flagging Juglines for Jug Fishing. These are the juglines that aleart you when you have a fish on the jugline or when your bait has been stolen.

We will continue to produce our redneck original juglines in addition to our Fish On Flagging Juglines.

If any of you guys are jug fishermen around here, we welcome you to come and check out our fishing jugs at www.jugfishing.net or at our original website www.juglines.com or if you already have your own juglines, just stop by and shoot us a line and let's talk about jug fishing, we are always happy to talk fishing with other catfishermen, and jug fishermen.


Redneck       rednecktexan1@sbcglobal.net 8-6-2004 1:01 PM
No spinoff of anything. They are absolutely the best quality and will stand up to anything you throw at them. Plus I stand behind my products and when you buy from me, you deal with me, not some third party.

I have no time for games. If you want to play games, play them with someone else because I have better things to do.
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