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Gustavo       whitewing4274@aol.com 11-3-2008 3:49 PM
I would like to share a story of an exciting day of cat fishing at a City Parks and Recreation fishing pond located in San Antonio just of Highway 410 south. I did some research about Texas Parks and Wildlife and found that they had a public waters stock program to promote fishing. They would come to several inner-city parks and stock the waters with bass, catfish, and trout. I think this is a great opportunity to get young people involved in a positive outdoor experience that can influence their lives tremendously. So me and my nine year old son went down to the local outdoor store and decided to stimulate our sour economy by getting some fishing supplies. The key was purchasing good stink bait for hooking some catfish. I took advantage of some time off I had this summer to wake my son up early one weekday and try our luck at some nice size Texas blue cats. Our patience and determination paid off as we started getting bites early and steady. We almost ran out of bait. In the end, a lesson was learned, not only on fishing but in life in general. Quality time spent with our youth in the outdoors is an investment that is priceless in many ways.
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