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Firewalker       firewalker@alltel.net 8-13-2006 11:30 AM

Let me know your favorite Dove recipe and cleaning procedures. I am a southern style, Cajun and BBQ fan. Its usually about 90 degrees here on opening day so I stay away from the cream of mushroom stuff until Thanksgiving.



MICHAEL SHREVE       michaelshreve1@hotmail.com 1-9-2007 06:49 AM
1st take a dove annd either make it boneless or leave whole.

Sprinkle rub all over.

(If left whole)Slice breast by bone
insert 1 jalapeno.(if boneless)insert jalapeno bewteen the two pieces of breast.

Get 1lb. bacon cut in half wrap around each breast and hold in place w/a toothpick.

grill or even better,cook over open fire or charcoal.
scooter       8-29-2008 2:51 PM
did someone say dove? go with this one. throw dove breast in flour. then chop garlic 1 clove into pan coated with virgin olive oil. med. heat. when garlic sizzles throw in breasts. golden brown on each side not to long. then put in good amount of white wine turn heat down to low and let simmer 20-30 min. turning occasionally. dove taste with wine is good
George F. Stiefel       gstiefel@centex.net 2-14-2009 2:28 PM
Pick the dove and leave whole with skin on. While cleaning, save the gizzards and hearts. When ready to cook, parboil dove until tender in water with salt and pepper to taste. Let cool. Remove parboiled whole dove. Flour dove and fry in frying pan or deep fryer. Use parboil liquid and make gravy with hearts and gizzards in mix by adding flour until desired thickness. Fix a big pot of grits and whatever else you like to have for dinner. Serve gravy over the grits with the fried dove.
George F. Stiefel       gstiefel@centex.net 2-14-2009 2:30 PM
Forgot to put in previous post to be sure to clean the grit sac out of the dove gizzards before cooking.
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