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Suzee       suzee09@yahoo.com 01-10-2001 10:21 PM
Type Message Here (Max length 500 char.)I LOVE the recipes on your site and can't wait for more! My family loves to try new dishes and with my husband being an avid hunter and fisherman I am always looking for new ways to prepare the things he brings home. Anyone out there know some more fishing recipes?? I'd love to try something "new".
Jae       whiskers@hcnews.com 10-12-2001 2:24 PM
Grilled salmon with brown sugar sause made from brown sugar and apple juice, spooned over the hot salmon just before serving is about the best eating we have ever had. we came across this in Jueno Alaska. Summer 2000 and went back for more summer 2001
gene birkenbeuel       birky999@insightbb.com 3-10-2003 11:29 AM
fish batter; use fry crisp batter or any pancake mix only make enough batter as to how much fish you have to fry use 2cups of fry crisp or pancake batter 1 can of 7up or to the thickness you want for your batter some salt and pepper and garlic to your taste, dry fish real good dip the fish in the batter and deep fry at 350 degrees until golden brown
Marissa       swizz_74@hotmail.com 9-30-2003 09:58 AM
All of the things that I have read in here all sound really good. Note: I say ALMOST. Thanks for all the greay recipies! :)
Amanda Hughes       hugahughes2@wmconnect.com 11-7-2005 4:37 PM
I would like to know where in the south you can find Fry Crisp? I have tried other batters and none works as well as Fry Crisp. I can't find it in any stores down here. Can anyone help me?
Vince Kreuzberger       kreuzsc@bellsouth.net 12-31-2005 3:01 PM
I have a great recipe for you. I am selling a motorcycle and am sure that you would like it. It is a Yamaha 650 Heritage Special 1983 model. It is black and if you want a picture just give us an e-mail. it is in great shape.
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