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MUDCAT       mudcat1@sbcglobal.net 8-30-2006 5:08 PM
There is many ways to jug line but the flagging jugs are the ones to use. They are easy to see and tell you when you have a fish on.
They are best , baited with shad, My jugs I use Have 40 ft of #36 tarred nylon line from academy, I just pull a loop and tie a overhand knot and put a #1/0 swivel with a 5/0 circle hook. I put 5 hooks on mu lines and i bait them all.
I sell the flagging jugs , for those that can't or don't have the time, I have shipped jugs to El salvadore and to Michigan, from California to New jersey. The jugs are illegal in California, but they wanted them for a private lake.

mudcatflaggingjugs.com for photos of the fish caught on my jugs.
mudcat       10-10-2006 2:23 PM
mudcat       mudcat1@sbcglobal.net 11-19-2006 03:16 AM
The foam is in, plenty available can ship within 2 days
catfishing       mudcat1@sbcglobal.net 1-25-2007 10:25 PM
new jug, smaller and cheaper
mudcat       2-5-2007 3:07 PM
new look on the site, take a look
MUDCAT       mudcat1@sbcglobal.net 3-29-2007 2:07 PM
jugline on lake houston and conroe is easy and you will catch plenty of fish, with mudcat flagging jugs. see my site at www.mudcatflaggingjugs.com
mudcat       mudcat1@sbcglobal.net 5-22-2007 6:40 PM
great juglines for catfish and legal in texas
MUDCAT       9-27-2007 12:12 PM
best prices on the net $4.00 ea
someone       reganrhunter@yahoo.com 11-25-2007 5:35 PM
miss ya
Mudcat       oliver874@sbcglobal.net 12-23-2007 07:32 AM
still makin jugs for those that want some email me
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