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lance       presleycody@yahoo.com 7-21-2010 06:03 AM
im a trapper, and i think all wildlife is proper to use as long as we are responsible with our resources.
Aaron White SR.       Dustyjames68@yahoo.com 11-24-2010 9:00 PM
well i dance traditional pow-wow as im native american and all i did with mine is scraped it clean with a knife and a saw and i wear mine with my regalia. but to hang it in your house as a decoracion is not the right thing to do with the creators gift as they represent time as they are very old and can live up to 100 years in some cases
M3       Jim_marshax3@yahoo.com 2-27-2011 10:37 AM
We found a dead snapper while kayaking this morning and out of our love of nature and wildlife want to display the shell for it's beauty. This chat has been more than entertaining and the fact that it's been going for 4 years is great. We aren't sure of the best answer for cleaning yet. The borax sounds good, but will it harm the shell. What's the best concentration? Oh and btw, we were picking up shoreline trash when we found it. So not all turtle shell lovers are that bad.
Lala       tabatt.leanna@gmail.com 5-3-2011 10:15 AM
Any of these "turtle-lovers" have a dog, cat, or other pet??? Same difference on the "it's not yours" concept... We were made to eat meat... People gotta survive. Saving the shell as decoration is way better than discarding it and letting it rot. Why not preserve a beautiful part of nature if you get the chance?
Old Clunker       8-7-2011 4:59 PM
I use to eat snappers when I was young. Had no choice in the matter. They weren't too bad of table fare.

I always took the shell and set it on the ground with the bottom side down. The bugs cleaned it up in less than a week. Just remember if you do take a turtle, some of the best meat is under the rib/backbone in the very back. You have to crack the bones to get to it.
Kelsey       levister.kelsey@yahoo.com 9-28-2013 1:25 PM
Hey guys!
I clean houses and I found 2 turtle shells inside of a swimming pool. There in one piece and I was wanted to get them airbrushed for my son. I bleached the shell and everything already but it keeps cracking the more it sits. I need advice on anything I can do to stop it from cracking. It seems to crack on the lines that are already in the shell. Help!
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